How to reduce the cost of metal core PCB?

Why we discuss the cost of metal core PCB?

All engineers and designers want to reduce cost of metal core PCB.
They are always looking for information and suggestions with the lower price board.
Then the price of metal core PCB is up and down recent months.
You may get the metal core PCB price today different yesterday.

There are several important factors related to price of metal core PCB.
Here 4MCPCB expects to have summarized some tips to keep the overall cost down.

Bare basics design can reduce costs of Metal Core PCB

Yes, there were many MCPCB design companies can help startup company in the design process.
But if you have done a research, the cost of outsource a Metal Core PCB design is higher than own design.

The entry level tips reduce cost of Metal Core PCB

There are many tips to reduce Metal Core PCB cost.
First of all, we should know the key factors affect metal core PCB cost.
Those features like copper material, board size,
Features and processes like copper, ENIG / Immersion Au, board size, high end dielectric prepreg, complex CNC routing or V-scoring and number of layers are the key cost factors.

Secondly, consider thermal conductivity of metal core PCB.
There were many factors related to the thermal conductivity.
Here Emma want to list some basic parameters for effective economy.
Choose an aluminum base alloy, 1-2 OZ Cu foil and dielectric material.
Usually these basic parameters materials can provide 1-2 w/Mk of thermal conductivity.

Last but not the least, some small areas also affect the cost of metal core PCB.
Like use a lead free HASL or OSP surface finish can save cost.
If you board has simple profiling, please consider V-scoring instead of CNC routing.
Because CNC routing has much more expensive than V-scoring.
That’s the reason why most aluminium PCB designs V-scoring.