The forecast of China’s CCL market

This paper will focuse on The forecast of China’s CCL market.
In 2016, China’s CCL price have many changes.
One reason is the raw CCL price to have risen by about 3 percent.
Then electronic car industry also needs more copper to make a battery, the demand raw CCL material have become bigger.

The reason why China’s CCL price rise

4MCPCB experts told Emma that China’s CCL price go on rise in next 2 years.
Because it need 2 years to build the copper foil capacity, then the copper supply will increase.
This means that the market will still be in short supply in the next 3 years.
You know the demand can influence the CCL price.
If the short supply in the next 3 years, thereby promoting the CCL price to go high.

The second reason China CCL market is very special.
Even though China has many copper foil capacities, the China’s CCL market is highly concentrated.
This means the stable competitive landscape.

The China’s CCL market share introduce

We can from China’s CCL CAGR data to see the increase speed.
In 2015, the China’s CCL industry keep fast speed developing, the CAGR was 74 percent.
Wherein Kingboard Chemical raked first with 28 market share.
Then followed closely by Nan Ya Plastics Corporation and Shengyi Technology with 16 each.
This mean above three brand CCL companies have more half market share.

Three industries help China’s CCL developing fast

The CCL market industry mainly relies on the PCB market.
The rigid PCB raw material market can use many areas, even in PCB manufacturing, also have make of many kinds PCB types.
But in recent years, there were three industries help China ‘s CCL developing fast.
Our 4MCPCB expert told Emma that future development will be propelled by automotive electronics, communications terminals and other emerging high=growth fields.
We will discuss those three industry separate paragrapgh.

Automotive electronics make China’s CCL market develop faster

We can from a vehicle type market share to discuss this issue.
In recent years, with the support of the national policies, China’s new energy vehicle industry has been developing quickly.
The average annual rate reaches 60 percent, and many automotive experts think the new energy vehicle industry can facilitate automotive industry further.

From our cost structure, The raw CCL cost in new energy vehicles has a much higher proportion of the total costs than traditional cars.
In 2015 data, compact cars witness 14 percent, medium and high-end sedans 29 percent, hybrid sedans 50 percent, and battery electric sedans 70 percent.
So, in other words the China’s CCL price rise will impact the battery electronic cars.

Communication terminals also make CCL market develop faster

Almost communications terminals have an intelligent terminal module, and its need to be integrated in PCB for purpose of wireless reception, transmission and other functions.
So, the future upgrading of intelligent terminals will prompt the demand for PCB to grow.
That’s the reason why communications terminals also make CCL market develop faster.

The development of communications terminals was very fast.
To 2015, the number of Chinese 4G users swelled from 97 million in 2014 to 386 million.
The developing speed showing explosive growth.
The market growth rate in 2015 is expected to exceed that in 2015.
Then the 5G communications technology developing, the terminals demand will be increased in next 5 years.