How to use a photoplotter transfer PCB circuit image

All photo film steps must in dark room

The darkroom should be control temperature and humidity.
Because those two factors related to the photo film performance, this means determine the reality of the image copper PCB board.
Most of China multilayer PCB fabrications use a photoplotter transfer PCB circuit image.
This kind image film is we previous mention photosensitive film, use to image the PCB circuits.

Why the photoplotter can transfer PCB circuit image?

This question is simple definition.
But there were some new guy don’t know the truth about PCB circuit image transfer process.

First of all, the rigid PCB department will make the board data.
All of bad data depend on customer Gerber file.
Then the photoplotter machine takes the board data and converts it into a pixel image.
Some engineer also named this film as first photosensitive film.

Use laser method to make the film

We have known the photoplotter can transfer the PCB circuit image.
There was a laser write in the photoplotter margin.
While the work import the design circuit board data, the laser writer will make out the film.

Be Careful during exposed the film

The film is used photosensitive material, and very easy to auto exposed in the lighting.
The second reason is the quality of the circuit trances were depended on film’s.
So most of rigid PCB board manufacturers use automatically machine to expose the film.
And also automatically unloaded for the workers.