Don’t ignore two secrets of your led PCB supplier

This post is discussing something about LED PCB supplier.
All purchasers want to choose the best source to buy printed circuit boards (PCBs) supplier.

Standard of LED PCB supplier

PCB standards or PCB certification were so important to PCB boards.
If you want to choose an ideally LED PCB supplier to make sure below:
Every board is to IPC Class II or higher standard
All boards are UL approved and made in ISO-9001 certified facilities

The testing of LED PCB supplier

This factor may the most PCB purchasers ignore, some purchase just buys cheap price and some are don’t know the importance of PCB testing.
To order your LED PCB to your supplier, please make sure below:
100% tested (flying probe or E-test)
PCB Design Rule Check with no extra cost
Two ignore secret of your led PCB supplier