The types of Bates PCB Quotes Payment introduce

The types of Bates PCB Quotes Payment

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Today we are going to discuss the types of bates PCB quotes payment.

The method of PCB quotes payment

Now the methods of payment have become more and more.
Some of new method uses very convenient, but to most PCB manufacturers, there were some difficult to use, like Square.
Payments can be made by Credit card using VISA, MasterCard & DISCOVER etc.

The method of new customer or order

Do you know there were some differences between mass production PCB with prototype PCB?
To most prototype PCB quote, the price becomes very cheap and most of the time the total charge also not very big.
So most of PCB manufacturers use a different payment method to a new customer or order.
New customer orders should be paid by Credit Card to avoid any delays in processing/shipping.
If you have any problem, you can refund very convenient.
The types of Bates PCB Quotes Payment introduce