Two common sense of PCB quotes would be ignore

This post Angel want to discuss two points related to PCB quotes.
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Relation ship with PCB quotes supplier

The first factor is the relationship with your PCB layout supplier.
If you have a good relationship with your supplier, you PCB quote will be smooth finish.
That was the reason why so many big electronic companies don’t want to change their PCB layout supplier or PCB suppliers.

Professional of PCB quotes supplier

And the second factor is the professional knowledge of sales or engineers.
Every one knows that, professional person to do professional things.
But in some situation, can’t find so many rich experts to finish your board.
If you want to place a good PCB quote, please choose those PCB manufacturers that have rich experiences.

To End this post, Angel want to say if you have any question or common sense related to PCB quotes, please contact our rich experience PCB experts.
Two common sense of PCB quotes would be ignore