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The common sense of PCB Fabrication Quote from China

China PCB industry is a very different market. Because there were so many PCB companies have provided PCB fabrication quote service. But not all PCB companies have their own factory to produce. we want to share more common sense of the PCB fabrication quote, then more PCB purchase know this market. This post is focusing […]

Some tips of PCB assembly quote from china

Now more and more purchase have noticed the PCB manufacturers have become develop very fast. And most of PCB assembly also service from those PCB companies. Today Angel will introduce the tips of PCB assembly quote China. First of all ensured the PCB assembly service from China is the right option. Because some of PCB […]

There were many LED painter PCB companies in China

The LED Painter PCB is very simple Most components may be in your junk box already. The PCB is a two layer PCB with a blue solder mask and white silkscreen. The LED Painter PCB grouped by color The LED channels on the PCB are grouped for easy connection of red, green and blue LEDs. […]