Some factors of high current PCB you should know

Recently there were some friends to ask some questions about high current PCB.
In fact, this is a special PCB type, and there were few PCB manufacturers can provide one-stop solution.
And most of PCB guys don’t have correct knowledge about high current PCB board.
So this post will focus on this topic.

The theory of the high current PCB you should know

If you ask some experience PCB designers to explain high current PCB theory working, most of them will give very long answer.
This is not Frank wanting to share our readers, we want to share more simple words.
Frank used an online PCB track width calculator to see that required track width is about 5mm and minimum clearance is 1mm, which makes it about 7mm width in total just for one track.

The professional solution of high current PCB

Is there a more professional way of overcoming this problem?
The answer is yes, our can supply you very custom high current PCB.
If you want to learn more detail info, please mail to us.
Some factors of high current PCB you should know