How to choose the right LED circuit board kits?

There was more and more products online shop, especially some custom products have become more and more.
This post will discuss how to choose the right LED circuit board kits.

First of all you should know the composition of LED circuit board kits.

In normally, the kits include circuit boards, components, a completely illustrated instructions and circuit schematic.
But if you have some custom requires, the composition may be different.

The first factor is the components of the LED circuit board kit

You know the components must assembly on surface of the LED circuit board.
If the space of the assembly were too narrow, there were no space for assembly components.
In other words, Components are adequately spaced for easy assembly and value identification on the board.

Second factor is the holes of LED circuit board kit

Most assemblies were use hole to fix components.
Even the component mounting holes is plated through, making it easier to solder good connections and greatly reducing the odds of causing board damage in the event that a component placement correction might be required.
So the second judge factors are the holes of LED circuit board kit.

In fact, there were many other factors related to the LED circuit board kit choose.
But Frank think the most important is above two factors.
If you have any other view, please comment below.
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