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Differ layer rigid PCB have differing thickness

There were some customers ask the extra thin rigid PCB can we do in their first question. Author have several answers for this question. First situation, I will ask a customer what the layer they want to? Due to differing layer rigid PCB have differing thickness. For most 1 or 2 layer conventional Fr4 rigid […]

Three features of automotive flexible PCB application in UK

The Flexi rigid PCB UK topic is very big, and related to many flexible PCB factors. This post we will focus on automotive flexible, rigid PCB in UK discussion. We have discussed flexible PCB use in medical application. We are going to discuss another flexible PCB application. As we know the car become more modern […]

Differ applications of flexible PCB discussion

The amount of applications of flexible PCB There were so many consumer products use flexilbe PCB design. That is the reason why too exhaustive to list those flexible PCB assembly products. But simply put: if you buy it, and wear it, drive it or carry it, there’s a good chance to feel flexible PCB bending […]

The reasons why choose flexible PCB for jet engine controls?

The reasons why choose flexible PCB for jet engine controls?

Do you know Jet engine controls? This post we are going to discuss flexible use in Jet engine controls. Here the definition of Jet engine control, Aircraft engine controls provide a means for the pilot to control and monitor the operation of the aircraft’s powerplant. Most of the time Jet engine controls are application in […]

how to understand the package size of flexible PCB?

Do you know the package size of the flexible PCB board? We have discussed metal core PCB and automotive PCB before. Compare with those two types, flexible PCB has many advantages. Special in some high end electronic device, like iPhone widely uses flexible PCB to develop. This post we will from the package size of […]

Do you know automotive PCB requirements in differing vehicle section?

How automotive PCB requirements meet electronic car? Now there are more and more smart electronic car. The automotive PCBs are used in many ways in the electronics car industry. In some other words, the automotive PCB requirement has many differences. We can image that the automotive PCB developing can change the way that people drive. […]