Three features of automotive flexible PCB application in UK

The Flexi rigid PCB UK topic is very big, and related to many flexible PCB factors.
This post we will focus on automotive flexible, rigid PCB in UK discussion.

We have discussed flexible PCB use in medical application.
We are going to discuss another flexible PCB application.
As we know the car become more modern and smarter.
But do you know why those modern car can connect with your phone and smart.

Three features of automotive flexible PCB application

The high safety requirement is the first factor.
With use, flexible PCB, all sensors, control units and signal have integrated.
Especially in some light application, the flexible PCB board can provide higher reliability.
In other words, flexible PCB can meet modern car safety requirement.

Then is weight factor of flexible PCB.
As we know flexible PCB have more lines than traditional Metal Core PCB board.
And flexible, rigid PCB board have had good reliability.
Behind the dashboard of a modern car, there were some flexible rigid PCBs.
Due to it’s light weight features, can provide a more car comment ability.

The last is about the lifetime of automotive parts

As we know the most of automotive has as long as ten year lifetime.
So also ensure to automotive parts also have good reliability and so long lifetime.
Due to manufacturing flexible, rigid PCB technology have developed, it’s price have decreased than ten years ago.
But the performance of flexible, rigid PCBs manufacture today are better than pass yours.
That’s the reason why most automotive parts assembly by flexible, rigid PCB have longer lifetime.