Differ applications of flexible PCB discussion

The amount of applications of flexible PCB

There were so many consumer products use flexilbe PCB design.
That is the reason why too exhaustive to list those flexible PCB assembly products.
But simply put: if you buy it, and wear it, drive it or carry it, there’s a good chance to feel flexible PCB bending ability.

The first common sense of flexible PCB application
Most of guy thinks the flexible PCB board is just used for connecting between the keyboard and screen of a laptop.
Or use for flip phones, design flexible PCB to connect the two halves of the phone.
Yes, those are, the more normal flexible PCB application.

Flexible PCB widely use for modern printers

If you have a look to your printed device, you also can find flexible PCB.
As we know modern printers use flex PCBs for moving print.
That’s the reason why we can print extra size printer.
Because all modern printed use, flexible PCB in place of the old style ribbon connectors.

Flexible PCB also widely uses for disk drives

As we know all computers should have more than one disk drive.
If you have repair a disk drive, you must can be found a flexible PCB.
This flexible PCB can be wondered billion of flexing operations.
And the disk drive price has decreased than five or ten years ago.
The main factor is increased reliability and cost-effectiveness of flexible PCBs.
So in this word, flexible PCB is modern computing life basic factor.