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Multilayer LED circuit board manufacturers tell you the it’s truth

This post we want to discuss a special LED circuit board, it may not the widely use by normal companies. But in power product industry, multilayer LED circuit board manufacturers are very important part. Multilayer LED circuit board application Common in the high performance power supply market, Multilayer led circuit board are made from multiple […]

MCPCB wiki introducing for you

MCPCB wiki introducing for you The content below is from wiki, Allen just wants more PCB people to know the real MCPCB knowledge. MCPCB (Metal Core PCB) is those boards which incorporate a base metal material as heat spreader as an integral part of the circuit board. The metal core usually consists of aluminum PCB […]

how to judge good LED with PCB manufacturer

LED with PCB manufacturing is a very professional process. This post will discuss the how to judge good LED with PCB manufacturer or bad one. First of all is the experience of PCB engineers. If you ask the new comer PCB engineer to handle some complex LED with PCB problems, may delay your PCB project […]

How to follow your LED PCB fabrication project?

Every PCB project requires you follow its process. This post will introduce some tips of your LED PCB fabrication. Control your MCPCB design LED PCB fabrication process is up to the design plan. If you have a good MCPCB designer or design supplier, you will avoid many Unnecessary troubles. Purpose of LED PCB fabrication process […]

There were many Led Lighting Circuit Boards Online

There were many Led Lighting Circuit Boards Online. But which one is your correct choose, and which is the cheapest LED Lighting Circuit Boards. This post Jimmy will discuss this topic. Online Quote solution for led lighting circuit boards? is a wholesale marketplace offering a large selection of led lighting circuit boards online with […]