How to follow your LED PCB fabrication project?

Every PCB project requires you follow its process.
This post will introduce some tips of your LED PCB fabrication.

Control your MCPCB design

LED PCB fabrication process is up to the design plan.
If you have a good MCPCB designer or design supplier, you will avoid many Unnecessary troubles.

Purpose of LED PCB fabrication process

PCB designers rely on fab notes for design control and end product process determination.
So the purpose you should set at the beginning.
All the LED PCB fabrication process are to achieve this goal.

Materials of LED PCB fabrication

You may ask materials use LED PCB are some and why we must consider this factor.
Yes, the materials on LED PCB use may some, but one type of material there was many others detail factor to decide.
Most common fan note specifications are brand name and / or metal core.
How to follow your LED PCB fabrication project?