Top features of Free PCB quote service

We have introduced many articles about the PCB quote system.
But do you know the top features of free PCB quote service.
May you just know it can use in, place your PCB order.
So this post will introduce some features for you.

First of all is the charge of the PCB quote process.

If you have tried some PCB companies PCB quote service.
Most of them require you to register an account, then use this account to place PCB order.
Even some of the website require charging for register process.
Back to free PCB quote service.
You don’t require to register an account, just go to our online PCB quote page.
Then we can give you all PCB quote services.

Then let’s discuss some tips of free PCB quote
Angel has summary a list about the tips of our free PCB quote.
If you have any other question, please contact us.
You can choose from many different PCB materials (including FR4)
PCBs can have Controlled Impedance/Controlled Dielectric features
Netlist Electrical Testing of PCBs included
Wide variety of PCB surface finishes can be specified, including HASL, lead-free HASL, Hard Gold, ENIG, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver etc
Top three features of Free PCB quote service