The reasons why PCB assembly plants lack labor

If you read news from internet, will always read some of PCB assembly labor issues.
Especially in some thinnest rigid PCB plants, have a difficult time filling open positions.
In fact, those news has reported years, but also none solution.

So this post we are going to discuss the PCB assembly labor issues.

There were so many experts have differing opinions to resulting this is so.
The most of thinnest rigid PCB plants’ HR says that they cannot find workers.
Sometimes even find some green hands who do not have the necessary skill.
So the thinnest rigid PCB plants must manage training for those guys.

This opinion is not one or two guys, most thinnest rigid PCB plants HRs have this view.
So more industry experts discuss this problem.
There were another issue is that so many thinnest rigid PCB plants need workers,
This situation also suits some PCB assembly companies.

Top three reasons why PCB assembly plants lack labor

1, lower wages,
2, lack of skills
3, low unemployment rate

Larger companies have more solutions to lack labor.
One reason is that most young thing working in a big company is awesome.
May be make him or her more confidence when party with their friends.
Then most of the larger companies have higher wages.
This is a very important reason for those who need money.

But this situation also has other issues.
First one is lack skill.
There were so many youngs come from big companies, but lack skills for the next position.
Then is lack loyalty for most youngs.
Maybe this opinion is not so correct in political.
But it’s sure the leave rate of youngs higher than older employees.