Nobody wants to work in rigid PCB manufacturing?

It’s ture that there were fewer young adults go to manufacturing than decades.
We discuss manufacturing lack labor want to let more guys know this.
Due to everything we use during our daily lives have been manufactured in one way or another.
In this words, like semi rigid PCB factory lack labor is relate to all of us.

Nobody wants to work in rigid PCB manufacturing?
This is a very sad result of economic development.
The manufacturing industry is very important for most of country economy developing.

Most of college students do not choose manufacturing as a career.
Because most of the people think go to college is aiming to working in an office.
And a manufacturing career is not real job for most graduations.

High school students have lack shop technology and society experience.
If those younger go to work, have more challenging, skillfull, lucrative and fulfilling.
So there must make more effort to work in an office.
But if they go into manufacturing, like PCB assembly plant, this situation will be different.
Because even a graduation from college, also don’t know how to make a PCB board.
In some words, high school students go to a metal core PCB factory is his advantage.

Then we discuss the colleges or university students go to manufacturing.
It’s stigma.
This is true for most of graduations.
The manufacturing is not so good enough to make a beautiful career.
Even the younger want to go, if their neighbors or friend discuss like below.
Why so good graduation go to PCB plant?
This must have some effect on the current situation.

Then we discuss other factors related to manufacturing lack labor
Most of the time, developing country has cheap labor cost than developed country.
Like Mexico or India, have much cheap labor in PCB manufacturing.
In other words, when we consider the lack labor issue as international, the labor lack do not mean weak.
It’s just mean there were some advantage in another region.
So maybe high end manufacturing development is the solution of lack labor.