Pre-clean FPC manufacture process introduce

How FPC manufacturer pre-clean?

FPC board manufacture has complex process, we will write a series article to discuss how to manufacture an FPC board.
Today we are going to focus on pre-clean FPC manufacture process introduce.

What is the pre-clean?

Pre-clean is a begin process of the FPC manufacture process.
Some of FPC factories also named this process as flex copper material preparation.

Why we should pro-clean in FPC manufacture process?

Then to talk about the aim of pro-clean FPC manufacture process.
Usually FPC material panels will use chemically cleaned method.
To ensure proper film adhesion on the circuit board.

And the second reason is that pro-clean FPC manufacture process utilizing thin core handing equipped systems to prevent damage to ultra thin material cores.
If you did not pro-clean process, produce FPC board may have some problems.
Pro-clean FPC manufacture

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