Flex PCB manufacture Cutting process introduces

This post focus on flex PCB manufacture cutting process discuss.
We have introduced many flex PCB manufacturer process, like Pre-clean FPC manufacture process.
If you want detail flex PCB manufacturer info, please read our series article.

Why we should cut flex PCB during manufacture precess?

The flex PCB cutting process is the important shaping step.
If you have visited a flex factory, you may find that it’s a panel shape before cutting process.
All flex PCB produces process set a panel to manufacture, then cutting to array or unit to customers.
Also, some customers require to cutting process.
V-cutting is the most normal require from 4MCPCB clients.

Cutting not the only one flex PCB shape method

But if you place a mass production flex PCB board, cutting method not the most effective way.
Most of flex PCB manufacturers use hydraulic pacing method to shape flex PCB.
And when they produce the prototype flex board, they prefer using cutting or laser to cut.

Flex manufacturer Cutting cost cheaper than tooling cost

You know tooling cost is higher cost for most startup companies.
And most of them were just place small production flex PCB board.
Flex manufacturer Cutting method is the best way to balance cost and economy effective.
Because Flex manufacturer Cutting cost cheaper than tooling cost.
In other words, when creating prototype flex PCBs in small production runs, a specialized blanking knife is used.
Flex PCB manufacture Cutting process

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