How to circuit pattern exposure during FPC manufacture?

FPC Circuit pattern exposure is special in the FPC manufacture process.
Sometime it’s the most complex process due to mostly depend on production FPC experience.

The theory of FPC manufacture Circuit pattern exposed
Three steps to FPC manufacture circuit pattern exposed.

Resist coated to FPC material board

First is that resist coated to FPC material board, this time the board just finish pro-cleaned process, no any pattern.

Circuit artwork patterns overlaid on FPC board

Second is use circuit artwork patterns overlaid on the surface of the board.
So after this step, the FPC material board inside of circuit artwork patterns.

UV light to expose the circuit patterns

Then use UV light to expose the circuit patterns to the material panels.
This time we have finished one side circuit pattern exposed.
If you want to expose other side, some with above three steps.
circuit pattern exposure during FPC manufacture

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