Do you know FPC manufacture plating process?

The name of FPC manufacture Plating process

An FPC manufacture Plating process also named copper plating process or through hole plating process.

The aim of FPC manufacture plating process

First of all we should know why FPC manufacture must be plating process after drill.
Due to FPC material copper layer on the top and bottom, and two layer circuits can not connect.
In other word, this is done to form layer to layer electrical interconnection.

The theory of FPC manufacture plating process

Usually FPC manufacturers use fully automated electrolytic copper plating systems for plating copper.
The FPC manufacture plating process is one of the crucial steps in all process.
That’s the reason why FPC board manufacture must be carried out with extreme precision and care.
After the holes with required specifications are drilled in, they are deposited with copper, and chemically plated.
FPC manufacture plating process

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