Flex PCB stiffener application process discussion

Two factors make flex PCB manufacture stiffener application not easy

We have discussed PCB board stiffener material, this post will focus on flex PCB stiffener application.
To application a good flex PCB stiffener is not easy.
Because stiffener is rigid and the flex PCB board so flexible, to lamination those two material not very easy.

And the second reason is that flex PCB board requires localized additional stiffeners.
Most important is that the localized additional stiffener area also requires high reliability performance.
This means the stiffener area can not effect to flex PCB function.

The theory of flex PCB Stiffener Application

Do you know the detail process of flex PCB stiffener application?
In fact, the main theory of flex PCB stiffener application is lamination process.
But to consider flex PCB, other factors, the stiffener lamination process becomes more complex.
Usually stiffener lamination process design by rich flex PCB experience experts.
It must align the flex PCB side, and applied prior to additional lamination process under heat, pressure and vacuum.

Flex PCB stiffener application
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