Flex PCB manufacture electrical test process

IPC standard is the main electrical test of the flex PCB board

Here are some factors of flex PCB electrical test IPC standard below:
We will focus on netlist and IPC grade introduce.
100% netlist driven electrical test per IPC.
Usually each flex PCB factory has its perform netlist of formats.
Netlist formats: IPC D356, ODB++, CAD generated.

Most important, if flex PCB test grade, it’s have three grades.
IPC class 1,2 and 3 testing

More IPC standard reading:

The process of flex PCB electrical test

There were two kinds of flex PCB electrical method.
One was simultaneous flex PCB electrical testing all circuit boards.
This method meets mass production flex PCB board.
If you place a prototype flex PCB, most likely, use isolation testing or flying probe testing method.
All of above two flex PCB electrical test used fixture for testing.
But in flying probe electrical testing, use the machine to fix the board, then testing the flex PCB board.
Flex PCB manufacture electrical test
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