FPC manufacture lamination coverlayer process introduces

What is an FPC coverlayer?

First of all you should what is FPC coverlayerand its application.
Usually FPC board manufacturers use use a polyimide film with adhesive as a cover lay material.
When the coverlayer aligned and tacked into place on production panels prior to the overlay lamination process.
The main function of FPC cover layer protects the top and bottom side of flexible circuits.
You know the flex circuits likely doomed by aggressive weather conditions, harsh chemicals or solvents.

FPC coverlayer laminated process introduce

The detail methods laminated FPC cover layer material may differ from differing factory.
But the theory laminated FPC cover layer is some.

The theory of FPC manufacture coverlayer laminated

Some FPC manufacture uses UV exposure to cured the cover layer to FPC board.
Before curing process, there was a laminated process.
To ensure proper adhesion of the cover layer material on the substrate.
Some experience FPC worker also named this layer as PP.
Unlike the cover lay material, which is a laminated film, an overcoat is a material that is literally applied onto the surface of the substrate.

The FPC manufacture cover layer Usually laminated two sides

Most of FPC should laminated both side cover layer.
So the both sides of cover layer production panels under heat, pressure and vacuum to ensure proper adhesion.
FPC lamination coverlayer

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