How to Etch circuit on FPC manufacture process?

FPC Etching circuit patterns process introduce

FPC Etching patterns process uses chemical method.
If you visit an FPC factory, you can always see a long specialized handing equipped conveyorized system in etching circuit pattern process.

The right way of circuit pattern etching method

Following the circuit patterns exposed in the last step, and in etching circuit process, you also cannot see the circuit right now.
Because the circuit of FPC has a cover by pattern artworks.

Two ways of FPC circuit pattern etching introduce

To a rich experience FPC manufacturer, there were two ways to etch circuit pattern.
One is dip the laminated in an etch bath, all the FPC material panels have dipped.
And the second is sprayed with an etchant solution.
But only in some prototype FPC or small FPC manufacturers use the second method.

If you want to etch both sides of the FPC, first circuit pattern etching method is recommended.
And the economy office also suits mass production FPC board.
FPC Etching circuit patterns process

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