Some thoughts from ask a traditional flex PCB manufacturer question

Why we discuss flex PCB questions

First of all, Emma want to clear that there were no business relationship with and multek flexible circuits inc
And as a PCB manufacturer, we do not want to criticise any competitors.
We just want to provide good flex PCB and good suggestions to our customers.
There was one friend asking flex PCB questions to multek flexible circuits inc.

The smart device flex PCB becomes more complex

You know, new products have design more and more small, and require higher performance than before.
That may the reason why this friend can not get the answer from multi flexible circuits inc.
There were more and more special flex PCB requires become the conventional requires.
Smart device flex PCB manufacture must not only the traditional engineer issue, but also have to handle some test process problem.

Flex PCB manufacturing process have re-designed

In pass, flex PCB manufacture process most follow experience engineers.
If you have service some smart device startup companies, you will find that may have some difficulty.
They have some special requires for new projects, and most of those were new requires that difference with before.
Products manufactured using flex PCBs allows the miniaturization, durability and weight to still provide the 3D adaptability for multichip modules.
Some thoughts from ask a traditional flex PCB manufacturer question