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How Automotive PCB board meet TS 16949 Standard in 2018?

This post we are going to discuss how Automotive PCB board meet TS 16949 Standard issues. Related TS 16949 Standard post: TS 16949 Automotive PCB Standard Applications TS 16949 Automotive PCB Standard Introduce If you are building for the automotive industry (or want to be), you will eventually need to be certified to the
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AEC : Another automotive PCB standard introduce

Why introduce Another automotive PCB standard? If you have read our TS 16949 Automotive PCB Standard Introduce, you may know TS16949 is very basic automobile PCB require. Some customers want to know more about the automotive PCB board, specially want to know more about the standard of automotive PCB board. So
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Top 3 factors when design PCB in automotive

PCB in automotive application becomes more complex Now we have more and more smart devices, and requirement high performance multilayer PCB board. PCB in automotive were once as simple as switches for headlights and windshield wipers. Most PCB in automotive just after simple assembly can use. And didn't consider working with high-frequency signals at
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The applications of Automotive PCB board

The automotive PCB market will Growing More Fast Automotive PCB market is the fastest-growing field in the global PCB market. Overall PCB market scaled of roughly USD 60.1 million in 2015, the growth of 0.8 percent from last year. If you have to learn some news about the automotive industry, you will find
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