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The top three reasons why 4MCPCB use own PCB to assemble

PCB fabrication and PCBA service PCBA service is very close related to the PCB fabrication service. Not only PCBA use bare PCB board, but it’s quality depend on PCB board’s. To ensure PCBA quality and turn time, currently 4MCPCB do not use other’s PCB to assembly at our facilities. Why 4MCPCB do not accept board […]

Do you know the right way to handle the excessive and unused PCBA components?

Why discuss the secret of PCBA industry? PCBA components are the main issue in PCB assembly orders. Most small PCBA companies don’t want to customers know this. It’s different in 4MCPCB operate process, we want all customers clear every PCBA manufacturing step. Yes, this paper also shows some secret of the PCBA, regarding to the […]

How to handle defects of PCBA projects?

Previous post we have discussed Three common sense of Automotive PCB market 2017, This post we are going to discuss how to handle defects of PCBA projects. Why we should discuss the defects of PCBA projects? First of all Frank wants to clear that discuss this issue is ensuring customer can get high quality PCBAs. […]