How to handle defects of PCBA projects?

Previous post we have discussed Three common sense of Automotive PCB market 2017, This post we are going to discuss how to handle defects of PCBA projects.

Why we should discuss the defects of PCBA projects?

First of all Frank wants to clear that discuss this issue is ensuring customer can get high quality PCBAs.
Even though we have rich experience QC engineers to tracking PCBA quality.
As you know oversea PCBA order has long shipment, and has many factors can effective PCBA performance.
Also, some of our customers were startup companies, and don’t have much experience in PCBA field.
So we want to give satisfied PCBA to customers.

Regarding The standards of PCBA testing

You know high quality PCBA always strict PCBA testing standards.
Here 4MCPCB experts have summary top five PCBA testing standards.
TS14969 standards;
ISO 9001: 2008;
RoHS Compliance;
SGS Compliance;
UL Certificate.
How to handle defects of PCBA projects?

The first thing you should do when you find defects or problems of the PCBA.
Some of PCBA plants may ask you to send some evident to proof your PCBA defects.
This is the most China PCBA company’s solution for PCBA defects.
But it’s not 4MCPCB, we want delivery satisfied PCBA to customers.

If you have find any defects or problems, please let the engineer know immediately.
This is very important for us to improve our PCBA quality.
Then we will evaluate and review the problems.
Most important, we will make a decision of how to remedy.

The first remedy PCBA defects option

This is our regular remedy PCBA defects option.
Most of our customers can be satisfied with PCBA.
Because we always guarantee a functional board in your hand!

After receiving your feedback, our engineer will either repair or rework your PCBA board.
If necessary, also will remake your beds.
All these operate charge is 4MCPCB.
You you can get the satisfact PCBA within short time.

The second remedy PCBA defects option

From our PCBA manufacturing experience, most of defect were due to shipment.
If there were some special PCBA defects, our engineers may need the defective boards.
So we may ask you to send them back to us by freight collect.
It’s important to improve our PCBA quality.