Introduce bridging connect method in PCBA project

Why we discuss bridging connect method in PCBA project

From most PCBA engineer experience, how to connect components may the most complex item.
Special use bridging connect method, almost all new PCBA learner don’t know.
So, 4MCPCB want to more people clear to bridging connect method.

Why we have to consider bridging connect method?

A condition where excess solder builds up in the air gap.
Rich experience PCBA engineers will clean the excess solder.
Because those waste excess solder may resulting short or other electronic problems.

Incorrect Solder bridges resulting in shorts PCB defect

Solder Bridging, sometimes referred to as shorts.
It’s a regular PCBA defect, but there were many PCBA engineers don’t know it.
Usually, when solder is improperly crossing and connecting one lead to another will scare solder bridging.
Then it can occur microscopic in size, but it’s extremely hard to detect.
If a shot goes undetected, it can cause serious damage to the circuit assembly, like a burn-up or blow-up of a component and burn-out PCB trace.
That’s the reason why should choose a rich experience PCBA manufacturer, like 4MCPCB.
Introduce bridging connect method in PCBA project