Break-away Rails in PCBA project

Why we discuss Break-away Rails?

PCBA process is very complex, due to it’s have many steps and you should take more care in each step.
Then most of PCBA plants were small companies.
And don’t have much time and money to strict PCBA testing standards.
This is the biggest reason why those PCBAs have a short lifetime.
In this paper, we are going to discuss Rreak-away Rails, also a very key and little definition.

Break-away Rails introduce

Break-away rails, sometimes referred to as break-away tabs.
In most small PCBA project, 4MCPCB experts recommend to set break-away rails.
The exact reason of set break-away rails will discuss below.

Panelized PCBA manufacturing process

If you have known some PCBA factories, you will be know some of PCBA manufacturing process.
From 4MCPCB experts’ experience, the clearance between the PCBA board edge and the copper features is less than 138mil (3.5mm), we recommended panelized the boards.
One reason is considered PCBA cost.
It’s cost down than separate PCBA manufacturing.
Then is due to PCBA turn time.
If you want to reduce the PCBA turn time, the penalized PCBA manufacturing method is the best way.

Break-away Rails are used in PCBA Panelized manufacturing

In most PCBA Panelized manufacturing processes, the designer should be consider break-away rails.
Usually, Break-away rails must be added at the two longer Panelized edges of the board.
This is aimed to fix the PCBA during assembled by the machine.
Because most of PCBA manufacturing is processed by the SMT machine automation.