Do you know Panels PCBA manufacture process

The reason why need to penalize the PCBA board?

There were many of reason support to panels the PCBA board.
Here we have listed some reasons.

Consider panelized method in PCB manufacturing process

As we also fabricate PCB for our customers.
This means we will consider panelization solution at the beginning.
Usually 4MCPCB PCB designers genete panelization file, solder paste data.
Then transfer the data to PCBA department to create the stencils to match the panelized PCB.

Panels PCBA manufacture process discussion

Two conditions should penalized PCBA
The first condition considers panelize PCBA is PCB dimension.
If the PCB dimension is smaller than 1968x3937mil, 4MCPCB experts will recommend use penalization.

The second condition is the shapes of the PCBA.

Most of time PCBA shapes are circular, odd shape and few of them are rectangle.
This means that penalized PCBA manufacturing is the most incoming effective method.

Do you know Panels PCBA manufacture process