How to calculate a turn time of PCBA project?

The reason why discuss turn time of PCBA project

Now there was more and more start-up choose a PCBA supplier from China.
Most of them don’t know much PCBA and it’s turning them.
Then there were some other reasons from PCBA plants.
Special in some small PCBA factories, have it’s own PCBA turn time calculate method.
Those different PCB turn times make most normal startup engineers confuse.
If you want to know begin turn time of PCBA, please go to this link:

The response method of fast PCBA turn time

As you know there were many response methods in fast PCBA industry.
Some PCBA companies were using the online tracking system.
To be honest, this also a method of response of fast PCBA turn time.
But in some accident situation, the online PCBA tracking system cannot work.
So, we engineer recommends through update mail communications to let you know your PCBA projects.
Also, you can through phone or other method to know your PCBA turn time.

Parts preparing process are key factors in shorter PCBA turn time

In some small PCBA plants, ignore parts preparing process.
That’s been the main reason why their orders were long PCBA turn time.
Usually we will be ready all parts, then fabricate the PCBs and start to make the stencil.
This means we can start assembly immediately after we get the parts.
4MCPCB have rich experience in parts preparing process, and ensure delivery PCBA to our customers on time.