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PCBs are “raw material ” of PCBA board

PCB V.S. PCBA This is basic issue about PCBA, but also have some green hands don't know. So we want to discuss PCBA board definition. If you have any question, please contact us. What is PCB? A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a board used to electrically connect and mechanically support components using pads, conductive
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The requirement and service of automotive PCBA manufacturer

Why we discuss the automotive PCBA manufacturer? We have discussed automotive PCB market, if you want to learn detail, please go to Three common sense of Automotive PCB market 2017. This paper, we will go to a related definition, automotive pcba manufacturer. Most of the time we discuss automotive PCB board, with the
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SMT stencil is used before SMD procedure

The function of SMT Stencils Simply say the sole purpose of an SMT stencil is to transfer solder paste to a bare PCB. If you have visited a PCBA plant, most of SMT stencils are use stainless steel material. Due to ensure high reliability for fine pitch and BGA components. So SMT stencils are
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4MCPCB expert introduce Repair & Rework for PCBA

The difficulty of repair & rework for PCBA If you have visited PCBA factory, you may find a few of them have repaired & rework procedure. One reason is that the cost of repair & rework is very expensive. Even repair & rework procedure finish, the quality of PCBA may effect. Then is PCBA
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