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Flexible PCB Cost Savings feature discussion

How flexible PCB can cost saving? You may see many articles introduce the feature of cost saving, but few of them introduce the reason why flexible PCB can cost saving. It’s important to understand the cost saving of total project cost. Here Emma wants to from several factors below: First of all flexible PCB requires […]

Flexible PCB can reduce products size and weight

Flexible PCB can reduce size and weight If you ask a PCB design engineer, which one type PCB design was hard finish? The answer may flexible PCB design. Because there were so many factors should be considered, like the combination of flexible design freedom, space, and weight etc. Even there were so many affect flexible […]

Flexible PCB dynamic flexing ability introduces

Flexible PCB can easily meet dynamic flexing need You know dynamic flexing require some components must move when used. It was against to reliability of electronic products All rigid PCB board can not meet dynamic flexing need, but flexible PCB can easily do. Because flexible PCB have good connect ability and flexible PCB bending performance. […]

Less weight and space when uses flexible PCB

Good products need more thinner flexible PCB Flexible PCB has many advantages, but less weight and space is biggest one. Usually we want to buy smaller electronic products rather than bigger one. Specially smart phones choose, more and more plant to announce they can provide the thinnest smart phone. In fact, to manufacture thinner phones […]

Flexible PCB packaging ability introduces

Now most the PCB board types were developed it’s packaging ability. Because most of new project have require smaller size and better PCB packaging ability. Flexible PCB is a good solution for those small size products. Flexible PCB has good connected ability Interconnect problems are the most important for smaller products. If you have asked […]

Top four common rigid flex PCBs types introduce

What is rigid flex PCBs? Rigid flex PCBs are an abbreviation of rigid flexible printed circuit board. This is very special PCB board that can flex in some areas. And have higher reliability than the flexible PCB board. In some manufacturing process, there were many similar with the flexible multilayer PCB. So this post will […]

Do you know flexible cable?

Why we discuss flexible cable? This post we are going to discuss a new topic, flexible cable. As a MCPCB manufacturer from China, there were some friends to ask some flexible PCB questions. So Emma wants to introduce several articles about flexible printed circuit board. And this friend doesn’t know the flexible cable definition and […]