Do you know flexible cable?

Why we discuss flexible cable?

This post we are going to discuss a new topic, flexible cable.
As a MCPCB manufacturer from China, there were some friends to ask some flexible PCB questions.
So Emma wants to introduce several articles about flexible printed circuit board.
And this friend doesn’t know the flexible cable definition and flexible PCB definition.
Beginning introduce flexible cable, then deep discuss flexible PCB board.

The definition of flexible cable

Flexible cable is a simple definition, most electronic engineers can guess it’s flexible cable definition.
Flexible cable, or FC, refers to any variety of electrical cable that is flexible.
In most of new smart device projects, use widely flexible cable.

The applications of flexible cable

The flexible function is flexible cable biggest features.
Not only use small, smart device, but also use big electronic products.
Due to flexible cable has extremely thin flat cable, you can find it in most laptops and cell phones.
The simple definition of flexible cable introduce have finished, if you have any question about it, please feel free to contact us.
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