You should know the advantages PCB flexible

Why we compare PCB flexible advantages with the flex cable

We have introduce flex cable features, as simple PCB flexible there were many disadvantages.
In other words, PCB flexing provides several advantages when compare with PCB
This post focus discusses something related to PCB flexing.

The cost of PCB flexible and cable

The cost of PCB flexible is higher than cable, and in upfront cost have double or triple more than flex cable’s.
But if your project have gone into mass production, the cost of PCB flexible have decreased.
It’s dramatically reduce costs in the long run.

The delivery of PCB flexible and cable

If you have ordered some flex cable from your supplier, you will find the fast delivery of cables require several months or more,
But if you ask a flexible PCB supplier, during the case, don’t have much engineers issues to confirm, the delivery is faster than cables.

The process control of PCB flexible project

We have discussed the cost and delivery of PCB flexible.
If you ask some project manager, you will find it’s process control also very good.
In short, use PCB, flexible can reduce the cost of cable, and reduces all assembly time.
In most lighter end product, more process control engineers prefer PCB flexible.
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