Simple Introduce of Through-hole Etch-back Technology of Rigid-flex PCB

Why need Through-hole etch-back?

As we know there are more and more smart device, and more smaller.
In other hand, require high end PCB board.
And more of the time those devices require flex PCB or rigid-flex PCB.
Some of China flex-rigid PCB factories have developed through-hole etch-back technology to meet high end requirement.

Top three industries require through-hole etch-back

We have known there were many industries have developed very fast, especially in electronic industry.
This part we are going to discuss the area that has to use through-hole etch-back. experts told us, through-hole etch-back technology, use of the medical industry.
The second industrial use through-hole etch-hole is military applications.
Then is the aerospace procurement.
Also replicate in other industries, but above three are the top through-hole etch-back applicator.

Some technical parameter of through-hole etch-back

This is the last part of this article of through-hole etch-back.
The first technical parameter is the copper plated through-holes.
Include the size and the number of the through-holes.
The larger number and the smaller size of the through-holes, the manufacturing process will become more difficult.
Then is the relative dimensions between the dielectric layers and copper layers.