Rigid flex PCB Cost comparison of design

Previous post we have discussed rigid flex PCB cost comparison, and this post will focus on design comparison of rigid flex PCB cost.

Rigid flex PCB design Cost higher than FR-4 PCB

If you have a new rigid flex PCB design project, you may think the cost is higher than your FR-4 PCB board.
Because there were some cost increase rigid PCBdesign process.
You know rigid flex PCB manufacture has the most complex process, so during its design process should consider more factors.

Rigid flex PCB design mind is differ

We have mention that rigid flex PCB design should consider more factors.
In most rigid flex PCB designers, their desing minds were difference from traditional FR-4 PCB’s.
Design multiple FR-4 PCB into one design to some project, if you use rigid flex board, just only one design is needed with a rigid flex PCB.

Because most of FR-4 PCB board need multiple cables to connect, but rigid flex PCB do not need them.
Rigid flex PCB design Cost