Rigid flex PCB cost comparison discuss

Rigid flex PCB cost comparison issue

There were many rigid flex PCB customers first use this type board.
And want to know more info about rigid flex PCB cost comparison.
So if you Emma asks some questions to 4MCPCB sales engineers.

Rigid flex PCB price depends on its complex grade

The first question is what is rigid flex PCB case depend on?
The break down cost of rigid flex PCB is very complex, we will summarize this in a future post.
If you want to know break down cost, Emma has shared similar breakdown cost of a FR-4 PCB.
From our common sense is that more complicated cost, higher than simply one.
Complicated factors include rigid layer, flex layer or both, hole plating, surface finish, and so on.

Four benefits of flexible rigid PCB

We have discussed the flex cables, most electronic engineers use it to connect two or more PCB board in past decades.
Due to smart device development, flex cables can not meet the space require.
So PCB manufacturers have created a new PCB type to solution this issue.
It’s a rigid flexible PCB that have very flexible performance and save space.
And rigid flexible PCB also provides light weight, easy packaging, good reliability and increased current carrying capabilities.

The challenge of rigid flex PCB application.

Even thought there were so many benefits, rigid flex PCB were not use so widely as FR-4 PCB.
One of the most issue is the cost of rigid flex PCB.
In some MCPCB manufacturers, there were no flex or rigid flex PCB engineers.
And the process of rigid flex PCB manufacture have more complex than conventional PCB board.
Some of manufacture PCB equipment just use for rigid flex PCB process, and experience worker also very few.
That’s the reason why have challenge of rigid flex PCB application.

Rrigid flex PCB cost comparison discuss