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The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer [part 2]

This post is the second part of the series of an easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer. Previous post we have discussed the experience of MCPCB manufacturer. Rich experience to ensure high quality MCPCB board. But high quality MCPCB board related other factors, like MCPCB certifications. What are your MCPCB certifications? Often times, MCPCB […]

The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer

Choose a good MCPCB manufacturer not easy With so many MCPCB manufacturers to choose from, even in China, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with picking the right one. Because not all MCPCB manufacturers have rich experience to ensure your board high quality. Special some of trade MCPCB companies, make you in trouble during your most […]

In the next 3 years the speed of PCB market development will be more faster

The difference PCB market share has different data If you have followed the science news, you will be know the smart electronic products have more and more. But do you know those products all related to the PCB market develop. So this post Frank wants to discuss some about PCB marker develop. The global PCB […]

Some parameters of LED Printed Circuit Board introduce

There are many MCPCB manufacturers from China. To review those companies’ website, the parameters of MCPCBs were so many and most of introduces way were irregular. Even decades LED printed circuit board can’t understand what they describe. Today we are going to list some normal parameters of the LED printed circuit board. Here are 6 […]