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FPC manufacture Final Fabrication process discussion

We have introduce FPC manufacture cutting process, and it’s an economy effecting FPC manufacture shape method. This article will discuss the FPC manufacture final fabrication process. If you have read our series technical article, you will find the most important is protecting flex circuit performance. In other words, each step process must consider flex circuit […]

Do you know FPC manufacture plating process?

The name of FPC manufacture Plating process An FPC manufacture Plating process also named copper plating process or through hole plating process. The aim of FPC manufacture plating process First of all we should know why FPC manufacture must be plating process after drill. Due to FPC material copper layer on the top and bottom, […]

Pre-clean FPC manufacture process introduce

How FPC manufacturer pre-clean? FPC board manufacture has complex process, we will write a series article to discuss how to manufacture an FPC board. Today we are going to focus on pre-clean FPC manufacture process introduce. What is the pre-clean? Pre-clean is a begin process of the FPC manufacture process. Some of FPC factories also […]