Estimated flexible printed electronics Market Share

This post we will discuss flexible printed electronics Market Share.
We have introduced several PCB market shares, like market share of PCB for automotive, big market share of heavy copper PCB or even LED Market Share.
To help you understand flexible printed electronics Market Share more clearly, Emma strongly recommend you read those PCB market share article we share before.

The market for flexible printed electronics is rapidly growing

Even faster than other conventional PCB growing speed, due to smart device developers.
Smart device and companies have created more and more, resulting flexible printed electronics requirements also become more and more.
The global market for flexibe printed electronics is expected to increase to a $145B market by 2020.
The number of increase speed not the most important, most important point is that the increase speed show the PCB market trends.

The application of flexible, printed electronics

The majority of flexible printed material market growth will come from new markets the sue of flexible substrates.
And for lower cost and smart device, flexible printed material growth means cost should be down.
Not only benefit for smart device industry, also help most of new hardware startup companies.
Those clients come from corporations, government agencies and other partners.
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