Three important factors of FPC flex performance

Why we discuss FPC flex performance?

Now there were many devices use FPC board, but how to measure FPC flex performance.
To most normal people, their don’t need to know detail mathematical formulas of FPC flexible performance.
So Emma want to discuss three factors to description FPC flex performance.

FPC flex performance: small space requires

The cell phone is the most normal FPC application, and become more and more small.
This requires FPC must produce more and more small.
The small FPC circuit is a simpler and more reliable solution than the convention PCB board.
As FPC experts’ experience, this type PCB board can save as much as 75 percent space.
The most important factor is that FPC have thin thickness, and save most of assembly space.

FPC flex performance: lighter weight

In some smart device, small space not the main factor.
Due to use in some sport or other areas, require more and more light weight.
FPC circuit must be designed more small to reduce the overall weight of products.
Therefore saving a company money in many different aspects of the manufacturing process.
By the way, the lighter weight factor just considers in some special areas, not all FPC flex performance have require very light weight.

FPC flex performance helps assembly process easier

If you have visited an FPC board assembly, you may be confused by its complexity.
Yes, most flex PCB board assembly steps were more than conventional PCB’s.
So FPC process design is not limited to one installation design.
Because of their flexibility the packaging process can be changed many times without the redesign of another board or enclosure. Saving time and money in engineering and planning costs.
Three important factors of FPC flex performance