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The trend of flexible PCB raw material discussion

We have discussed Basics raw material of rigid or flexible PCB, if you want to learn some basic, please go back to reading.
This post will go with the trend of flexible PCB raw material.
First of all, experts want to claim that this year raw material have changed very fast.
Especially the China flexible PCB raw material, that’s the reason we introduce the trend of flexible PCB raw material.

We will from two parts to discuss the trends of flexible PCB raw material.

The first one part is the flexible PCB laminate raw material.

In raw material survey, few of flexible PCB laminate raw material suppliers featured any Cu clad laminates raw material.
This means that, flexible PCB raw material can meet Most smart device requirement.
But this situation may be changed, due to smart device have higher flexible bending ability than before.

Then the newer flexible PCB raw materials have created.

Newer flexible PCB raw materials are the hot topic in next 5 year.
Because more and more smart device and electronic products will be designed.
This means that flexible PCB must have higher connecting ability and bending performance.
So the flexible PCB raw material companies introduced nano-powders, nano-ink.
they introduced nano-powders, nano-ink targeting companies with newer applications.