The right way to tracking your differ PCB board suppliers quality

The right way to tracking your differ PCB board supplier quality

There were so many ways of tracking your PCB quality, like call tracking or mail tracking.
But if the PCB board has production long time before, how to judge the PCB board quality duty.
Most of China PCB manufacturers have added the production date on the board.
This also has other problems, when most PCB manufacturers have added the some date mark, how to tracking differ PCB board suppliers.
Did you know that you could add your company logo to your PCB design, add text, Date code, UL marks or even determine where to locate your order number?
Not only this, but place them either in the copper layer or the silk legend layer?

The first way to tracking your PCB quality

You can add your custom logo on your PCB board.
And the logo mark can easily mark it to identify a prototype or production board.
You know the prototype PCB board always more complex than the production PCB board.
But the production PCB board has higher quality control level.
That’s the reason why you should add your logo to your PCB board.
By the way, this way add logo to tracking widely use by most Metal Core PCB suppliers.

The Second way to tracking your PCB quality

The second way will be more complex than the first one.
As we know, QR code becomes more and more popular.
If you go to street of China city, you will find a QR code even in a small store.
Because QR code can help us finish many things, include tracking PCB quality.
So why not add a QR code to your PCB board, and make it unique.
You also can include the order number, PCB supplier, even the note multilayer PCB board etc.