Do you really know Multilayer flexible PCB Construction?

Do you really know Multilayer flexible PCB Construction

Multilayer flexible PCB construction discussion

We have introduced two sided flexible PCB construction, if you want to learn detail, please go back to reading.
In multilayer flexible PCB designer minds, multilayer boards are repeat established the pattern of two sided flexible PCB board.

How to manufacture multilayer flexible PCB board?

To explain how to manufacture multilayer PCB board is very hard task.
Even just discuss the simple multilayer Metal core PCB board, also have so may manufacture process and parameters.
So this part we will from the difference area to discuss how to manufacture multilayer PCB board.
Our experts told us, multilayer PCB board manufacture process can look as repeat the pattern established in double-sided PCB.
Also can create by bonding pre-fabricated layers of single-sided PCB or double -sided PCB board.

The holes of multilayer flexible PCB board

There are many holes types of multilayer PCB board.
The first step is drill through-holes. This is the most common practice in multilayer PCB board holes.
The second step is copper electro-plating process.
This is very important for multilayer PCB board.
Because most of quality issue is due to hole electro-plating.
This completes the electrical connection between the various conductive layers.

The finish multilayer PCB board holes, have blind and buried vias.
Click to learn more about blind and buried vias of multilayer PCB board.

The construction of multilayer flexible PCB board

Due to multilayer PCB board have many types, and each type have differing construction.
So we want to discuss the laminated raw material.
The fabricated layers are laminated together using a bond ply material consisting of a dielectric coated on both sides with an adhesive.