You should know the Important of control Impedance

Top 3 topic of impedance cotrol PCB

  1. impedance of PCB board
  2. Important of control Impedance
  3. impedance control application

We have introduce Impedance of PCB board, have discussed the simple exactly definition of impedance.
This article will focus on the Important of control Impedance.

The theory of impedance of PCB board

There was a situation, that you want to through the road, but there were many people are opposition flow, you can image that the speed of the move will be very slow.
So 4MCPCB experts told Emma that the impedance issue is about current efficiency.
The maximum signal transfer happens when all impedances along the signal path are matched.
In this word, the little impedance value the board can through more currents.

Impedance control is important for High frequency applications

The control impedance is becoming more and more important.
Especially in high frequencies and process high speed digital signals, good control impedance means good performance flexible PCB board have.
This point is fast becoming a standard requirement for PCB manufacture.
This is the key factor proof control impedance is important for high frequency applications.

The applications of control impedance

From our 4MCPCB survey, the control impedance, use focus on three areas.
This isn’t saying other PCB applications don’t consider control impedance any more.
Just to list some special application to help green PCB designers to understand this definition.
Top three applications of control impedance
1, Telecommunications
2, RF applications
3, High speed digital applications

By the way, Impedance controlled circuits can be found in the electronics you use every day: your mobile phone, TV, computer, printer and even your car!