Impedance Control applicate in TV products

The reason why we introduce Impedance Control applicate in TV products?

4MCPCB expert told Emma a TV example to explain impedance control application.
You know, most TV is connected with antenna or satellite dish, then you can look at it and change differed channel.
In the PCB experts world, TV is the typical impedance control application.
The purpose of this cable is to transfer the signal from one device to another.
This means that the satellite dish transfer the signal to the TV.
This is the most simple working theory of TV.

Why impedance control is it important for TV application?

The first reason is to obtain the best possible signal.
If your satellite dish can transfer the best signal, you can get the best TV program.
Or you can not obtain the best possible video and audio.

Then match the impedance values of satellite dish with the cable.
Also must match impedance values of cable to the TV device.
If the impedance value doesn’t match, then only a portion of the signal get transferred down the line to the TV.
The rest of the signal gets sent back along the line to the antenna.
And the signal will be resent and another portion of it, may get to the TV.
But the signal obviously later than the original signal.

Two bad results when impedance values didn’t match

In fact the impedance value did not match have usually occurred.
This impedance mismatch causes interference in the signal.
One resulting in a blurred picture on our TV or even some double imaging.
If the mismatch is particularly bad, the picture and the audio also very bad.

Top 3 topic of impedance cotrol PCB

  1. impedance of PCB board
  2. Important of control Impedance
  3. impedance control application