Why should you choose Flexible PCBs in you next project?

Flexible PCBs always application complex area

You know the size of modern electronic products become smaller, and the functions have become more complex.
Specially meet some unique PCB requirements, most of smart device require flexible PCBs.
That’s the reason why most flexible PCB manufacturers often face contradictory requirements.

The contradictory require of flexible PCB

Now most product need to be light in weight, also keeping heat, vibration and moving ability.
This means the PCB require at low density, and good mechanical performance.
Consider the PCB density, flexible PCB board have low density and light weight.
Then the moving ability, the flexible PCB board can meet those contradictory requirements.

The reasonable cost of flexible PCB

If you have read our article about Rigid flex PCB Cost comparison of design.
You will find that flexible PCB have high price than conventional PCB’s.
But consider the assembly process of flexible PCB, can provide repeatability and quality levels of IC design.
You know most of multilayer PCBs may have lot of expensive, error-prone human assembly process.
So from the assembly cost and total cost the flexible PCB project have adveantage.
That’s the reason our 4MCPCB experts vieq that flexible PCB have reasonable cost, even in higher price.

The life cycles demand of flexible PCB applications

You know the time to market is important for more new products.
If you have good life cycles demand, you can break a product line and have good market share.
So the shorter developing lifestyles are more welcoming.
In fact, flexible PCB manufacturers can meet those demands of rapid prototyping and implementation.
In this word, the flexible PCB applications have advantage of life cycle demand.
Why should you choose Flexible PCBs in you next project?